VIDEO: Girl With Huge Boobs Bouncing Them To Music

VIDEO: Girl With Huge Boobs Bouncing Them To Music

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You might ask why AFT would post a video of a girl with huge boobs bouncing them to music.

Yeah, you would ask something like that.

You fucking prude.

Anyway, everyone else, enjoy!

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Girl With Huge Boobs Bouncing Them To Music

For any jerks who aren’t into big meat cannons or having a good time, here’s Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare in its entirety rewritten by an AI computer.

Fucking nerds.

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Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare (rewritten by an AI computer):

Let me not to the marriage of genuine personalities Admit hindrances.

Love is not love Which changes when it modification finds,

Or curves with the remover to expel:

O no! it is an ever-settled check

That looks on whirlwinds and is never shaken;

It is the star to each wand’ring bark,

Whose value’s obscure, in spite of the fact that his stature be taken.

Love’s not Time’s trick, however ruddy lips and cheeks Within his bowing sickle’s compass come;

Love adjusts not with his concise hours and weeks,

But rather bears it out even to the edge of fate:

If this be mistake and upon me demonstrated,

I never writ, nor no man at any point cherished.

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