Best Strip Club Food, Hot Moms & Mustache Advice

Best Strip Club Food, Hot Moms & Mustache Advice

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Action Figure Therapy’s Jungle Recon shares a little of his professional knowledge with his fans in this installment of Ask Jungle Recon.

He provides wisdom concerning the topics of the best strip club food, hot moms and how to grow a badass mustache.

It’s like listening to a living, breathing modern day Socrates dispensing the knowledge and secrets of the ages.

Except that he’s drunk and mostly only talks about his wiener and having unprotected sex with trashy women in public places.

But, it’s almost the same exact thing.

(If you’re drunk, don’t care much about facts, and are willing to look the other way when your philosopher steals $20 from your wallet and tries to get it on with your old lady after you pass out.)

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Got a question that needs answering (or a rash that needs looking at)?

Post your query for Jungle Recon in a comment below.

Jungle Recon just might make you (and that rash of yours) famous!

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Best Strip Club Food, Hot Moms & Mustache Advice

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Jungle Recon claims he did it with this super hot mom with great rack.



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