Brutal Roasts Of The Week Vol. 2

Brutal Roasts Of The Week Vol. 2

The Reddit r/RoastMe page is one of our favorite ways to waste time on the internet.

Here are this week’s most brutal roasts of people dumb enough to upload their photos asking for painfully honest verbal abuse from strangers.

RedditRoastMe2 RedditRoastMe3 RedditRoastMe4 RedditRoastMe5 RedditRoastMe6 RedditRoastMe7 RedditRoastMe8 RedditRoastMe9 RedditRoastMe10 RedditRoastMe11 RedditRoastMe12 RedditRoastMe13 RedditRoastMe14 RedditRoastMe15 RedditRoastMe16 RedditRoastMe17

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