The 10 Most Popular AFT Videos Of All-Time

The 10 Most Popular AFT Videos Of All-Time

AFT T-Shirts

AFT T-Shirts

Here are the ten most viewed Action Figure Therapy videos according the number of views received on YouTube.

What’s your favorite one?

1. I Love My Job (Jungle Recon)

2. Honey Badger Blood Orgy (Angry Ranger)

3. Strip Club Etiquette (Jungle Recon)

4. Taco Tuesday Adventure (Jungle Recon)

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5. The Best Buy UFC Teabagging Incident (Angry Ranger)

6. How Does A Mustache Help In Combat (Jungle Recon)

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7. Soulja Boy Says F The Troops (Angry Ranger)

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8. Why Being A Marine Is Awesome (AFT Marine)

9. Stolen Wet Dream On Wheels (Jungle Recon)

10. Surefire Dating Tips (Jungle Recon)

And there you have it.

Honorable mentions include:

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